Most Wanted Troublemakers

“Street fever is more than a lifestyle. It’s the adrenaline and the smell of smoking tires that makes me doing it. Drive it like you stole it”

That is the answer of many when asked why we do what we do.

‘Fever’ is not simply making a burnout on a motorcycle (with an extended swingarm). It is your motorcycle in a higher gear, swinging over the road, sliding from left to right (drifting) whereby you develop as much smoke as possible (show). It is a combination of the right technology and the amount of gas, you have to be one with your machine.

The art of drifting is a combination of adrenaline, extreme concentration, control, having guts and pushing boundaries.

Most Wanted Troublemakers.

A close-knit community of street youths that originated from the preference for adrenaline, fast motorbikes and the smell of smoking tires.

The scene is what brought us together, the culture and togetherness is what keeps us together.

– Street Fever, it’s more than a lifestyle.